If you are on a Mac we recommend you download the game instead of playing the WebGL version

Welcome to our testing facility.

It seems it's your first time being commissioned,  are you up to the task?

We have unplugged you from the main grid and it's your turn to show us your skills and reach the main battery at the end of each course to keep yourself alive! 

Nevertheless since time is of the essence and you are one of are latests models we have equipped you with a very useful tool. This tool, a time manipulator, is still a prototype so be wary of its duration. 

Good luck out there.

We have used one of our top notch prototypes to set a time record, we hope you can show us what you are made of. 

Check the screenshots for our time record , and check the menu after winning to see your run time! (Let us know how well you did in the comments)

Made for Community Jam

  • Move using the arrow keys or w a s d
  • Press w or up key to jump (You can jump twice!)
  • Press E or K to stop time
  • Press Shift or L to dash
  • Press Q or J to draw your sword, and Q or J again to attack
  • Juan Bautista Arambarri Torre - SFX and composer
  • Lara Mariel Ozbic - SFX, producer and composer
  • Rocío Paulucci - Artist
  • Ignacio de la Vega - Programmer

Source Code


Update Log v1.1

  • Bug fix for dashes going through walls
  • Platform spikes are clearer to avoid confusion and unnecesary deaths
  • New optional key bindings for improved gameplay


Download 39 MB
Download 39 MB
Download 43 MB
Download 46 MB

Install instructions

You can run this game in any browser or download a build if you are having trouble with the game!


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This was fun! The movement, wall jumping, swordplay and dash / time mechanics were a blast to play with. Would definitely play more of this if the game ever got more levels and enemies. =)


I Like your Game, Little feedback i found the key assignment a little tricky to use, May be having movement left side of the keyboard and action keys on the right. but love the look and feel and music. Well done